What People Say About Phil Nasser


“As CEO, I have specific goals for our company that are reflected in our annual budget…but we don’t have a written strategic plan. One of the consultants we talked with asked us to share our “sustainable competitive” advantage. That gave us pause. We did not have an answer. We know our market well, are very responsive to changes and believe we manage the business well. But we began asking ourselves “are we reactive rather than proactive” in our market segment? Through Phil Nasser we learned it was possible to create a 1-page strategic plan that would bring our entire team into alignment. We agreed almost instantly to the project, with Phil as our leader, and are extremely happy with the results.”
Hal Tilbury, CEO, Bluepoint Solutions 

“I have specific goals for our company and employees but we have never had a written strategic plan. I was swayed to engage in the strategic planning session when I heard these two things: the plan was only 1-page and it would bring our entire team into alignment. We were fortunate to have Phil Nasser as our facilitator and are extremely happy with the results. Here’s why:
• My executive team all participated in the creation of the plan
• All our employees have the 1-page strategic plan on the wall in their office or cubicle
• All our employees have written accountability for their portion of the plan…which makes it much easier for us to focus on critical items and make sure they’re accomplished.
• At last, we are pulling in the same direction
• We have daily and weekly meetings that reinforce everyone’s efforts to achieve key company goals
• Each employee knows who is responsible for what
• We can all hold each other accountable 
I strongly recommend this process to you.”
Rob Inman, President, Intelligent Power Solutions, Inc.

“Committed to fast growth, we quickly learned we did not have the sales systems or processes in place to get us there. In truth, we didn’t even know the appropriate questions to get us started. In addition we at a crossroad and had troubles with organization alignment. Phil Nasser was able, in a very short period of time, to give us focus and, through a simple workshop, help us get the entire organization in alignment toward a common set of goals. Throughout the assignment I have been most impressed with Phil’s wisdom, approach, ideas, experience and judgment. He has been a real asset to our company and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to you.”
Scott Kuethen, President, Amtec Human Capital

“Through Phil Nasser we learned it was possible to create a 1-page strategic plan that would bring our entire team into alignment. Those were the two things that we wanted to hear: 1-page and alignment. We agreed almost instantly to the project, with Phil as our leader, and are extremely happy with the results. If you are like I was (afraid of strategic planning), I strongly recommend this process to you. Additionally, I strongly recommend Phil Nasser as the person to lead the effort. He prepared us well, led us through the process and is now helping us achieve our goals. Phil is a subject-matter expert in this area. ”
Larry Neilson, CEO, NMSDATA

“The balance and experience that Phil Nasser has brought to our management meetings as a consultant has been priceless. It’s helped many of us slow down and think before we act or answer, but most importantly provided a neutral party that can challenge partners and management as a team.”
Jeff Neilson, President, NMSDATA

“Because of our growth plans at 2Contract we needed help reworking our strategy and developing a business plan to secure venture financing. Fortunately, we were referred to Phil Nasser at Sales Productivity Institute. He challenged our strategic assumptions every step of the way, offered consistently valuable advice that resulted in a credible, actionable business plan and was invaluable in the writing the final document. His understanding of the nuances of the application software market is second to none. We were very pleased with their services and would be pleased to recommend him.”
Les Kristof, President, 2Contract, Inc.

“Fortunately, we were able to engage Phil Nasser of Sales Productivity Institute to help us re-do our sales process. He is an expert on the sales cycle and at deploying systems and tools that have an immediate impact on sales productivity. I personally thought the best tools were: the models for discovery sessions with prospects; the methods of uncovering a prospect’s inefficiencies and, thus, being able to cost-justifying our solutions; showing our sales people how to differentiate themselves and position themselves as consultants; the activity management system; and the telephone prospecting model and scripts.”
Hal Tilbury, CEO, Bluepoint Solutions

“Phil has helped us bring major changes in the way we operate, which has led to dramatic improvements in sales performance, lead generation and the growth of our sales pipeline. With Phil’s help we are having our best year in the past 5 years and are seeing a substantial increase in pipeline and new business opportunities. I would strongly recommend Phil Nasser as a resource to any sales organization leader, and would be happy to take your call if you have any questions.”
Bob Kim, Chief Relationship Officer, Banker’s Toolbox

“After a few days of meetings with sales and executive management, Phil devised a complete selling system that we will be able to use for the foreseeable future. The two and a half day workshop he conducted was outstanding. Our sales people now have a complete methodology and a set of ready-to-use tools for every step of the sales cycle. My sales people left the workshop fired up about the new skills they had learned and anxious to put them into practice. In many ways, this is priceless. During this whole process, Phil really distinguished himself as an expert on the sales cycle.”
Dean Rosenberg, President, Airsis

“At Centergistic Solutions we were on a fast revenue growth path when we were introduced to Sales Productivity Institute and Phil Nasser. Our company has been in the call center industry for 25 years and has a leadership position with an impressive customer list that includes several of the Fortune 500. Phil showed us a customized discovery model that all our sales people could use, helped us prioritize the major prospect inefficiencies that our software removed, taught us how to build value in our prospect’s mind, and provided a prospect grading system that gives us a “realistic” look at our pipeline and improves forecast accuracy.”
Ric Brutocao, President, Centergistic Solutions

“Phil Nasser helped ZOLL re-design our sales process from beginning to end. He coached us on designing our CRM system, defining an ideal prospect and the major customer inefficiencies our products remove and more. His models for phone prospecting and discovery sessions with prospects were easy to understand and use. Importantly, his approach demonstrated the most important qualification tool is the telephone. And, to bring it all together, conducted a training program for the entire sales team. We were very pleased with the services provided.”
Vane Clayton, President, ZOLL Data Systems

“Phil Nasser has become a trusted advisor primarily because of his competence in almost all areas concerning sales, strategy, process and management. He helped us draft our annual sales plan, taught us how to conduct telephone prospecting sessions, contributes to our monthly sales meetings and has led several solution selling workshops for our entire sales force. We are happy to recommend Phil Nasser to you.”
Keith Sugawara, General Manager, Silex Technology America

“I enthusiastically recommend the Sales Workshop conducted by Phil Nasser. This informative session provided our sales team with the tools necessary to achieve greater success and the methodology to measure that success.”
Richard Drew, Chief Operating Officer, Bluepoint Solutions

“Phil Nasser kept us focused on the customer, the target market served, marketing and a winning sales plan. He challenged all our assumptions and prioritizations at each step keeping us honest. He performed valuable competitive and market research and was able to create an impressive business plan. His business judgment throughout the process was excellent.”
Mike Moore, President, Recycling Sciences