Selection and Retention System

There has been a discernible trend over the last decade or so of employee and company loyalty moving lower.  While you could debate the causes of this trend, the reality is companies must deal with this change.  This places a premium on being able to select and retain good employees.  Everyone agrees turnover is very costly…not only from a loss of productivity standpoint but also from a replacement cost standpoint.


Work We Do
Clients ask us to help them establish selection and retention systems that will attract the best candidates and keep them in the company for an extended period of time.  Over the years, SPI has developed a recruiting system/process that greatly improves the chances of attracting the best candidates to your company.  There are eight components of the system:


  • Ideal candidate definition
    • Education, work experience, industry knowledge, personality traits, energy, style, etc.
  • Written position description
    • Title of position, reporting structure, summary of work performed, requirements, activity expectations and more.
  • Identification of likely sources for candidates
    • This may include existing employees, direct recruiting, internet job boards, etc.
  • Sales candidate model
    • This evaluation tool lists the relative importance of each job requirement and has all interviewers “grade” the candidate on each requirement.
  • Interview focus areas and pitfalls
    • This is an interview plan with potential focus areas such as critical choice points (schools, major job changes), measurable accomplishments/performance, career interests/goals and many more.
  • Candidate interview questions
    • Based on client requirements, you may develop questions aimed at assertiveness, judgment, people orientation, attention to detail and others.
  • Reference checking
    • We advocate two phases of reference checking.  The first focuses on verification of key information and the second focuses on “eight tough reference checking questions” that we supply.
  • Quick Start Program
    • This program first manages how the candidate is assimilated into the company and, secondly, provides a detailed work plan for the first 30, 60, 90 days of employment that is designed to insure success for the employee. 
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