Answers You Must Have
  • Of those prospects in your identified market segment, how many know of your offering?
  • What percent of the prospects in your identified marker are “available” to buy your offering?
  • How are you perceived in your market?
  • What do prospective customers say about your offering?
  • What value(s) do they see?
  • What do prospects who buy competitive offerings say about you?
  • Of those who buy from you, what key items drove them to you?
  • What market trends will change your prospect’s buying patterns in the future?
These are some of the key questions you must answer if you are to compete successfully in your market.  Ideally, clients ask us to help them with research items before they finalize their sales plan.

Work We Do
Clients ask us to help them with research in three primary areas:
  • Market Analysis
      • Which of the market segments offer the most potential given your differentiators?
      • What is your compelling value proposition?  A value proposition is the reason customers buy your product, investors invest, and employees want to work for you.
      • What is your competitive advantage?  Is it sustainable?
      • Are new entrants into the market a threat?
      • Are there any disruptive products impacting your market?
      • Working with other colleagues, we develop a pro-forma segment ROI.
  • Competition
        • Why are key competitors winning?
        • What is their advantage?  Is it sustainable?
        • Where are their vulnerabilities?
  • Positioning
      • Goal: turn your value proposition into a positioning platform.
      • What is your core competency?
      • What market need are you addressing?
      • What does your customer need (not want)?  What job is the customer trying to get done?
      • What positions are already owned by competitors?
      • Positioning should differentiate your company in a relevant way from competition.