How can we be sure the changes we are trying to make are actually being made?
Our clients have found it desirable to schedule periodic follow-up sessions with us to review the progress their firm is making with the various productivity improvement items.  This service is typically scheduled at the time the agreement is executed and the project is launched.  The number and frequency of the sessions is dictated by the size of the project and the client’s needs.
All parties recognize the central importance that progress review (and appropriate adjustment) plays in the ultimate success of any project.  First and second line managers welcome this review since effective implementation requires change, diligence and persistence on their part.  When responsibility for successful implementation is added to the normal workload of these managers, the task can seem overwhelming.  Lastly, with the pressures of their other responsibilities, first and second line managers are happy to receive experienced help with the subtleties and nuances of implementation.


Who do we call if we have questions after SPI leaves?
You are always free to call SPI with questions about implementation of the sales productivity improving systems.

How long after the completion of an assignment will the follow-up session be scheduled?
 A good general rule is to conduct the follow up review session 3-6 months after the completion of the initial consulting assignment.

How long in duration are these sessions?
They can be as short as one day or as long as three days.  It depends, more than anything else, on how well the client management team has adopted the new systems.

How much do these follow-up review sessions cost?
In order to encourage clients to schedule these important review sessions, we like to make them a part of the initial project.  That way we are able to include them at the best rate for the client.

At the Sales Productivity Institute, we are passionate about understanding the sales cycle, best-practice processes, technology and systems that help you improve the productivity of your sales team.