What Is Your Plan For Sales Success?
If you are responsible for sales in your organization, you know how difficult it can be to grow revenue and maintain margins.  The economy has not been helpful, prospects have been scarce and competition has been fierce.  Marketing’s budget has likely been cut so you can’t look to them for more leads or help of other kinds.  Your sales people are working harder and, if you’re lucky, are maintaining their production.  But you are still expected to grow the revenue and profit!
What is your plan to succeed in this environment?

Sales Check-Up
This could be the perfect time to invest in a sales check-up.  Our clients and our research have shown us that there are eight fertile areas for improvement in almost every sales force.

Eight Opportunity Areas
The eight key areas that offer the best opportunity to improve sales productivity are:
  • Profit Improvement Positioning specifically, making sure your sales people know how your product or service helps your customers improve their profits.  “Until you learn how your prospect is going to increase profit (i.e., increase revenue or reduce costs), you haven’t earned the right to ask him for the order.”
  • Pipeline Managementrespect for the sales funnel and the effective work to keep new prospects coming into the process.
  • Effective Use Of The Telephoneespecially in the pre-sale environment.  This is a major area of waste, frustration and inefficiency.  Our systems show sales people how to be excited about picking up the “forty pound” phone (please refer to White Paper/Articles under ‘Resources’ for more on the forty pound phone) and, importantly, what to do with it once you have.
  • Qualification – this is one of the most significant areas for improvement with virtually every sales force.  Forecast accuracy improves in direct proportion to improvements in qualification effectiveness.
  • Sale Cycle Management – maintaining alignment between your sales cycle and your prospect’s buy cycle.
  • Demonstration Skills – knowing when and what to demonstrate.  If the sales cycle has been managed effectively, a demonstration will occur at the appropriate time and with the maximum impact.
  • Time Management and Activity Metrics – there are no shortcuts.  Time is a salesperson’s most important asset.  Our activity management systems and metrics become effective self-management tools for sales people, lessening this sales management burden.
  • Sales Management – skills in hiring, retaining, teaching, coaching and motivating the sales force.  Ineffectiveness here has enormous negative effects on sales productivity.
Sales Productivity Institute has developed and deployed systems to make sales productivity improvements in the eight areas mentioned and would be pleased to share them with you.  It is through successfully tackling these issues that companies can improve the productivity of their sales force, which goes right to the bottom line of the income statement.

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The folks at Sales Productivity Institute are passionate about excellence in every step of the sell cycle. It is not an exaggeration to say they understand it better than anyone. Further, they are able to partner the sales force and, through their training programs, effect critical behavioral changes that drive profitable business growth. The tools, scripts and training guides allowed our sales people to make immediate improvements in productivity.

Hal Tilbury, CEO, Bluepoint Solutions