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Find Lost Revenue: Uncover Hidden Causes to Common Sales and Marketing Problems


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If you’re like 97% of your fellow business executives, you struggle to understand the problems you’re faced with in Sales and Marketing. Why, exactly, is it so difficult to manage a sales force? Why can’t you just hire the right people, assign a reasonable budget, give them a good bonus package and then kick back and watch your revenues soar? What’s so difficult about that? Instead, too often, you watch from afar as your salespeople flounder, lose morale and fail. Maybe you’ve invested corporate resources to find star sales performers and then hired the very best managers to drive stellar results without success. You suspect you’re leaving money on the table, you worry about lost sales opportunities, and you think you may be losing your competitive edge. There’s a train wreck happening, and you’re in the middle of it! Revenue is being lost, and you can’t determine why. Somehow, someway, there must be an answer! Find Lost Revenue is the book for you! The authors, five senior-level business consultants with over 150 years of experience, are consistently retained by corporate America to solve the toughest sales and marketing problems. These are not armchair quarterbacks or high-level researchers. Each of the authors is CEO of his or her own business and makes a living solving problems for others. Each author has years of experience in the trenches. Each author has learned how to observe, diagnose, develop and deliver solutions! And in this book, they will share their very best ideas. What you’d normally pay thousands of dollars in consulting fees to learn is available within these pages. You can’t keep banging your head against the wall, trying to solve your problems the same old way. What worked in the past is no longer applicable. Now is the time to take a fresh look. Now is the time to imagine possibilities. And, now is the time to uncover the hidden causes of your most pressing sales and marketing problems. We wish you all the success you deserve!


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