We were founded in 2001 to offer sales productivity-improving services that were proven, effective and easy to implement.  In the years prior to 2001, our founders had developed systems and processes to improve sales efficiency that worked and saw the opportunity to turn these real-world deliverables into a business.
Shortly after our founding, we added a strategic planning service to help companies build a sustainable competitive advantage.  One of our founders, Phil Nasser, is an adjunct professor of strategy at California State University, Fullerton where he teaches the capstone strategy class in the undergraduate and MBA programs.

Sales Efficiency

We have been students of sales systems and processes over the past four decades and are experts in all aspects of the sales cycle…from the time you identify your target market through the time you have happy, repeat customers.  We know where to look for sales productivity-improving opportunities and can show you how to achieve them.  With core competencies in the areas of strategic sales planning, sales methodologies, solution selling, activity management and sales force automation, Sales Productivity Institute stands ready to help you.
Whether you want to compare your operations against best practices in your industry, introduce a new sales methodology, re-work your sales process or simply operate more efficiently, we can help you.  Since industries and markets are always changing, we help clients adjust their processes and squeeze inefficiency out of their sales operations.
Our passion for helping our clients and our commitment to the traditional values of reliability, thoroughness and integrity have helped us become a leader.  We are able to back our offerings with a history of successful client engagements in many industries.

Strategic Planning

While many companies contacted us believing they had solely an issue with their sales department, we learned there were other mission-critical issues that needed to be addressed.  Most prominent among these issues was being able to answer the question “what is your sustainable competitive advantage?”  The answer to this question is embodied in the company’s strategic plan.
We offer a strategic planning service that:
  • creates a one-page strategic plan
  • involves all layers of the company
  • gets employees in alignment with company goals
  • helps build competitive advantage
You are encouraged to read the client testimonials to see how this strategic planning service has benefited them.


We have been fortunate to work with some great companies, helping them achieve their growth objectives.  See the testimonial section of this website for some comments about how we helped them with their sales issues.